How can I request a BIC Facility Code for a facility?

If you would like to request a BFC for a facility you can request a code to be assigned by visiting the BIC website and 'register a code' if you have a code thats used today for data exchange and wish to request that there is the option to do so on the application form, otherwise a code will be assigned to your facility from the information you provide.

The BIC will verify the details provided and ensure that the details locate to a facility and street address and that it is not a duplication of an existing code. You will then be notified once the code is active, and it will be available to industry immediately via the BIC website and the API.

How can I request a SMDG Terminal Code?

SMDG manage the Ocean Terminal codes which are returned in the API, if you need a terminal code you can apply by visiting http://www.smdg.org/smdg-code-lists/ and return the application form.

How can I request to update a facility details?

If you find that a facility detail is incorrect please notify us by the following means:

BIC Facility Code: Contact [email protected] and provide the correct details for the facility in question.

SMDG Terminal Code: Contact [email protected] providing information about the Terminal code in question.

How do we remove a facility from the list?

If a facility is known to be closed please report to [email protected] and we will add a 'validity end date' to the dataset, discussion on how to best communicate this change will be raised as a git issue and discussed with the user community.

A Facility appears twice in the code list?

Whilst we take care to remove duplicates or where facilities have been known by different names there are occasions where a facility maybe listed more than once, and there could be a reason for this where a different code is required for a different purposes, we do review the BFC list on a regular basis to minimise these occurrences.

However if a facility appears to be duplicated in the code list please notify [email protected] and identify the two facility codes in question that point at the same facility. They will be reviewed and one of the codes will follow the alias procedure which will remove it from the active facility code list.

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