Truck Queue Examples

The truck queue is defined as the area that trucks queue to enter a facility. Parts of the queue maybe land owned by the facility, or they could be public roads. When drawing a geofence for a ‘truck queue’ related to a facility it is important that the end of the truck queue meets with the entry point or gate of the facility. It is only at this point that the truck is no longer queuing to enter a facility, and they have entered a facility, an important definition.

The facility geofence can be found at

The area of land past the ‘gate’ toward the highway is owned by CSX, so it has been provided as part of the geofence for the facility.

It is recommended to exclude this IF providing a matching ‘truck queue’ as shown in the below example, clearly providing distinct geofences for the ‘facility’ (in red) and the ‘truck queue’ (in blue).

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