Railway Examples

Rail Lines running through a Facility

Container Facilities and terminals are often close to or part of a rail network, here is an example for CMR Hamburg, DE (BIC) where the facility is split either side of the railway except for a small bridge crossing the railway which forms part of the facility.

The outcome and decision were to exclude the railway area from the geofence and only include the bridge.

The rail line is not part of the facility, in that trains do not stop there for loading and unloading. The rail line is on a different vertical axis to the container facility, in this case below the level of the facility land, hence the decision to include the bridge and exclude the rail.

The geofence now looks like this, excluding the rail area. Latest geofence can be seen at https://www.bic-code.org/facility-codes/dehamcmra/

Another example is for Ventura Transfer Company in Los Angeles, US (BIC), in this example the rail is at the same level as the facility land, but not part of the facility, so a second geofence as part of the feature collection is the recommended approach. The latest geofence can be seen at https://www.bic-code.org/facility-codes/USLAXVNTU

Railhead within a Facility

In the case of freightliner in Liverpool, GB there is a definitive railhead within the facility where trains will load and unload, this is part of the facility and would be included within the geofence as below.

Latest geofence can be found at https://www.bic-code.org/facility-codes/gblivruik/

The same applies in the case of a facility in Memphis, US where the rail siding runs through the facility but is used to load and unload containers so again this should be considered part of the facility.

The latest geofence can be found at https://www.bic-code.org/facility-codes/US8MIMKNB

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