Road Examples

Geofence overlapping a public road

In this case the geofence provided overlaps a public road which is not part of the facility, this isn’t acceptable as it will trigger events unnecessarily, the top left area of the facility needs to be re-drawn to follow the fence line.

The facility is also located adjacent to a public road, so care should be taken to follow the fenced line of the facility carefully. The original submission looked as below.

Following the review with facility the geofence was adjusted to show as follows

Road Overpass

In the case of Everport Container Terminal, Los Angeles, US (SMDG), there is an overpass that goes above the container storage area of the facility. This road is not part of the facility and is a main freeway, the depot stores containers underneath the overpass.

The road is on a different vertical axis to the facility so the boundary of the facility should be used rather than separating the road.

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