Register as Contributor

The geofence library is open access and can be viewed by anyone by visiting the site, however if you wish to make a request for a geofence, or for a modification to an existing published geofence then you will need to register.

You can watch the walkthrough or follow the steps below to register an account

To register you need to fill in the registration form at

You will leave the 'Contributor Access' ticked, this gives you permission to submit your geofence against a facility.

On submission of the form you will need to verify your email address, once this is done you will have access to the geofence tool and permission to submit geofences to the library.

Request Contributor Permission

All new registrations will automatically have contributor rights, this section is ONLY for those who do not have the role in the geofencing application.

If for some reason you do not have permission to contribute geofences once logged in you can request them from the site.

You will see the 'Apply for Permissions' button on the site, click this

You will see which permissions you have available to you, i.e. 'Contributor' if this is not shown then select from the drop down list and click submit. You will receive an email confirmation on application.

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